Web resources: Divorce and separation

Child Support Agency (CSA)
Provides publications to help if you're dealing with separation or parenting from a distance.

The Centre for Separated Families
Support and information for everyone affected by divorce and separation.

When Separating
The When Separating – Family Law + Roads to Resolution video was developed by Legal Aid WA . It covers property and money, issues relating to children, means of resolving disputes, family law, regional and remote services across WA, and family and domestic violence. The When Separating website provides information, documents and links to assistance services for both adults and children.

Who can help you? Assistance for separating families (PDF 381 KB)
This publication, recently updated and reprinted by the Northern Territory Legal Aid Commission and Top End Family Pathways Network, maps service provision for separated families and those at risk of family separation in the Northern Territory. Available online on the NT Legal Aid Commission's website. Hard copies are available free of charge.

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