Web resources: Post-separation parenting

Family Relationships Online - An introduction to parenting plans
This fact sheet is for people who want to make a parenting plan. It briefly explains the requirements of a parenting plan and the legal status of a parenting plan.

Legal Aid Queensland: Children and parenting resources
Legal Aid Queensland provides resources on a range of topics related to post-separation parenting, including: family dispute resolution, parenting arrangements and caring for children when you are not their parent.

Me, my kids and my ex - Child Support Agency
This book is full of practical tips and hints to help parents build a workable relationship with their ex and to minimise the harmful impact of separation on their children. It includes information on age and stage appropriate parenting plans and has guidelines for creating a parenting plan.

Model parenting time plans for parent/child access parents (US) (PDF 2.1 MB)
A statewide committee of judicial officers, mental health providers and attorneys created this Model after consulting with nationally known experts on child development and after reviewing current research and guidelines from other communities. Decisions about access depend on many circumstances, but the age of the child is very important. This Model offers information about what children learn, feel, and need at different ages. It also provides suggested plans appropriate for each age group and language that may be included in court orders.

Share the Care: Parenting Plan - Relationships Australia
Information about drawing up a parenting plan, including a step-by-step guide.

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