Workforce development

Working with adolescents: Supervision

CFCA Practitioner Resource— November 2014

Examines various aspects of supervision in work with adolescents, and provides tools to assist professionals and stimulate discussion

Working with adolescents: Supervision

The simplicity of knowledge exchange

Short article— 28 October 2014

CFCA Manager Elly Robinson draws on the wisdom of Atul Gawande to help make complex concepts understandable.

The simplicity of knowledge exchange

Demystifying ethical review

CFCA Resource Sheet— February 2013

An overview of the ethical review process and how it applies to service providers evaluating their own programs

Practice-informed evidence?

Short article— 8 January 2013

To what extent is research influenced by practice? This question was uppermost in my mind after attending the Family Relationship Services Australia (FRSA) conference (Nov, 2012), which highlighted the admirable way that the family support sector is currently grappling with research and evaluation.


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