Fadak Alfayadh

Fadak Alfayadh

Fadak is a young Australian community lawyer, advocate for gender equity, writer, and 15 years ago, she was a refugee. Fadak is on a mission to unite Australians by reminding all of Australia’s strength in diversity. 

After being fed up with the narrative around refugees and migrant communities in Australia, Fadak decided to head the Meet Fadak speaking tour, Australia’s first national speaking tour by a person from a refugee background. Through the campaign, she highlights Australia’s strength in diversity and wants to change the story about refugees, as we have heard it. 

Legal work: Fadak’s community legal work was centred around upholding human rights and ensuring access to legal services for those marginalised. She worked with marginalised communities and people who weren’t able to afford or locate legal justice, including: women experiencing family violence, youth, the elderly, people experiencing mental illness, Indigenous communities, newly arrived communities and people experiencing unemployment. 

Newly arrived: Fadak worked in the refugee rights sector, including in settlement services to provide vital assistance to newly arrived refugees. She was also part of a number of legal teams that saw significant change for people seeking asylum. 

Public speaking, writing and commentating: Fadak is an international and local speaker and commentator. She often speaks on topics that include: refugees and asylum seekers, migrants and immigration, diversity, identity and belonging and feminist issues. 

Preventing violence against women: Fadak currently works in creating and implementing strategy to prevent all forms of violence against women in Melbourne.

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