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Eating problems in mid‑adolescence

Dr Galina Daraganova provides an insight into how young people are faring in relation to eating problems at the age of 14-15
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Children’s housing experiences

Diana Warren provides a brief insight into this chapter Children’s housing experiences in this years Growing Up in Australia report.
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In praise of ageing

Dr Patricia Edgar AM challenges the common argument that says an ageing population will be unaffordable and the health system will be brought to its knees.
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Parents working out work

Dr Jennifer Baxter draws upon AIFS research to provide insights on maternal and paternal employment in Australia. 
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Social dimensions of alcohol (and drug) problems

Homeless man on the street

Professor Ian Webster AO centres on the idea that our society is in denial about the impact of alcohol (and other drugs) on Australian communities. 
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Independent children's lawyers: Expectations and experiences of practice

Dr Rae Kaspiew, the lead researcher on the Independent Children's Lawyers Study, presents an overiew of the main findings of the project.
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