Households in Australia

Households in Australia

Type of households

In 2011 there were 7,760,000 households in Australia.

  • 71.5% comprised of families
  • 24.3% were occupied by a person living alone
  • 4.1% were represented by groups of unrelated persons (share houses).

When comparing data from 1986 to 2011, the statistics show:

  • family households declined (77.1% in 1986 to 71.5% in 2011)
  • one-person households increased (19% in 1986 to 24% in 2011)
  • most of change in the representation of family and one-person households took place during the 10-year period between 1986 and 1996.

Type of households source data

Household size

Household sizes in Australia have declined dramatically in the last 100 years:

  • the average household was 4.5 people in 1911, compared to 2.6 in 2011
  • little has change in household sizes since 1996.

Household size source data

Projections: 2011-36

According to ABS projections, 2011-2036, Series B:

  • the number of households in Australia is projected to increase by 50% (8.42million in 2011 to 12.73million in 2036). 
  • the number of family households is projected to increase by 46.7% (6.14million in 2011 to 9.01million in 2036).

Projections: 2011-36 source data

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