Caring for family members

Families care for and support one another, though sometimes the cost of caring for family members can be exceedingly high.

Publications about Caring for family members

An image of a couple holding hands and two young children walking a dog.
Research Report— May 2018

This report is aimed at providing a better understanding of the needs of the carers of children who are living in out-of-home care in Australia.

An image of a toddler smiling and she is carried by an older gentleman.
Research summary— May 2018

This Research Snapshot focuses on the socio-demographic characteristics of foster and relative/kinship carers and aspects of their care experience.

An image of a pair of hands holding a pencil and resting on a diary on a desk and right beside an open Macbook laptop and a mobile phone
Research summary— May 2018

This Research Snapshot focuses on carers' reports on their access to and views on service support.

Research summary— May 2018

This Research Snapshot focuses on carers' reports on training they had received and the degree of contact with their caseworker.

A photo of a young mother and father with their two children sitting on their laps on a sofa and all four are smiling at a person out of focus
Research summary— May 2018

This Research Snapshot explores the thoughts and feelings of carers of out-of-home-care children about their care experience

A photo of an older lady smiling at a child and holding her index finger up.
Research summary— May 2018

This Research Snapshot directs attention to carers' wellbeing and their family relationships.

CFCA— Oct 2017

An overview of out-of-home care statistics in Australia.

CFCA— Oct 2017

This resource explores how an understanding of abuse and neglect of children with disability can assist in establishing child-safe organisations.

rear view of young woman and adult in wheelchair
LSAC Annual Statistical Report 2016 chapter— Aug 2017

This paper provides new information about Australian children providing informal care for a family member.

Australian Family Trends— Nov 2016

Examines the views of Australians about the obligations of parents and their adult children concerning financial and accommodation support.

What is the prevalence of risk-taking behaviours in the children of former or current military personnel? A rapid evidence assessment.
Commissioned report— Nov 2015

Synthesises and assesses the evidence on the prevalence of risk-taking behaviour in children of former and current military personnel.

What are the family protective factors for members transitioning from Defence service? A rapid evidence assessment
Commissioned report— Nov 2015

This literature review investigates whether family members can affect how well service personnel transition out of the military.

Review of government initiatives for reconciling work and family life
Research Report— Aug 2015

A review of government initiatives that help families balance their work and family responsibilities.

Commissioned report— Oct 2014

Examines the physical, mental, social, and economic wellbeing of the children of veterans, and the risk, protective and mediating factors involved.

Ageing parent carers of people with a disability
Report— Oct 2012

This report presents information on parents who care for people with a disability in Victoria, focusing on the issue of ageing.

The nature and impact of caring for family members with a disability in Australia
Research Report— Jun 2008

Based upon data from a national survey, conducted in 2006, of 1,002 carers who receive an Australian Government payment directed towards carers