Child care & preschool

Child care and early childhood education have been shown to benefit parents and children in multiple ways. AIFS research shows how.

Publications about Child care & preschool

CFCA— Sep 2017

Planning for the evaluation of supported and community playgroups.

CFCA— Sep 2017

This document is intended to provide information on a set of principles that capture the essential core components of a high-quality playgroup.

Family Matters— April 2017
Flexible child care and Australian parents' work and care decision-making
Research Report— Nov 2016

Explores how parents make decisions about work and care, especially when faced with shift work or inflexible job conditions.

Parents' choice of primary school
LSAC Annual Statistical Report 2015 chapter— Sep 2016

69% of Australian primary school children attend government schools, 19% attend Catholic primary schools and 12% attend independent primary schools.

How many hours per week does an Australian mother spend on housework? Before having a child: 16. Became a mother: 25. Youngest child started school: 30. Youngest child turned fifteen: 28. Children left home: 25. Source: HILDA 2002-14.
Research summary— May 2016

Becoming a mother heralds a dramatic change in the lives of Australian women.

Flexible child care
Commissioned report— Apr 2016

To which extent is child care flexible enough to meet the needs of parents who work non-standard or variable hours?

Review of government initiatives for reconciling work and family life
Research Report— Aug 2015

A review of government initiatives that help families balance their work and family responsibilities.

Child care and early childhood education in Australia
Research summary— May 2015

What types of childcare are Australian parents choosing for their children?

Commissioned report— Oct 2014

aims to understand more about attendance patterns in primary school and their impact on academic achievement, using data from LSAC and NAPLAN.

Family Matters— October 2014
This article provides a brief overview of the ATP, and highlights some key findings that have emerged over the past three decades
Positive learning environments for Indigenous children and young people
Closing the Gap— Jul 2014

Reviews the research literature to identify the school-based factors that contribute to an effective learning environment.

Engaging Indigenous parents in their children's education
Closing the Gap— Jul 2014

Reviews evaluation studies on parental educational engagement in Australia and presents case studies on several programs.

Access to early childhood education in Australia: Insights from a qualitative study.
Research Report— Jun 2014

Based on interviews with 94 parents this report investigates parents' knowledge of and attitudes towards Early Childhood Education

Child care participation and maternal employment trends in Australia
Research Report— Dec 2013

This paper explores trends in child care in Australia from 1984 to 2011, for children aged under 12 years old with employed mothers