Conflict & relationship breakdown

Separation and divorce can have enormous repercussions for couples and their children. Much research focuses on limiting the damage.

Publications about Conflict & relationship breakdown

A photo of a middle aged gentleman and a teenage boy sitting on the floor and leaning against a sofa
Research Report— Jun 2018

This Research Report investigates the experiences and needs of young people whose parents have separated and have accessed the family law system.

Understanding parenting disputes after separation
Research Report— Aug 2016

Explores the behaviour of separated parents by exploring the psychology of post-separation parental disputes and then interrogating three data sets.

Commissioned report— Jan 2016

This paper reviews what is known about the impact of domestic and family violence (DFV) on parenting.

Responding to family violence: A survey of family law practices and experiences
Evaluation of the 2012 Family Violence Amendments— Oct 2015

The key goal of the research is to examine the extent to which the aims of the 2012 family violence amendments are being realised.

Evaluation of the 2012 Family Violence Amendments— Oct 2015

Compares the experiences of parents who had separated either before or after the family law reforms were introduced.

Court Outcomes Project
Evaluation of the 2012 Family Violence Amendments— Oct 2015

Presents the findings of the Court Outcomes Project, which forms part of the Evaluation of the 2012 Family Violence Amendments research program.

Evaluation of the 2012 family violence amendments: Synthesis report
Evaluation of the 2012 Family Violence Amendments— Oct 2015

What are the findings of the Evaluation of the 2012 Family Violence Amendments to the Family Law Act 1975?

Life satisfaction across life course transitions
Australian Family Trends— Sep 2015

Does life satisfaction improve or decline as people grow older? What happens to people's outlook as they pass through the common events of life?

Commonwealth Place-Based Service Delivery Initiatives
Research Report— Apr 2015

What are the key factors of successful programs targeting disadvantaged communities?

The economic consequences of divorce in six OECD countries
Research Report— Mar 2015

Estimates for men and women are derived from longitudinal data from Australia, Germany, Korea, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States

Family law court filings 2004-05 to 2012-13
Research Report— Feb 2015

This report analyses trends in family law court filings over a nine year period between 2004-05 and 2012-13

AIFS tile
Commissioned report— Dec 2014

Presents findings from Wave 3, conducted in 2012 with 9,028 parents five years after separation.

Commissioned report— Oct 2014

Features case studies and a service map comparing programs from New South Wales and other states.

Commissioned report— Sep 2014

This literature review examines best practice in family violence prevention, early intervention, and response strategies aimed at children aged 0-10.

The Stronger Families in Australia Study: Phase 2
Research Report— Sep 2014

Presents a medium- to long-term evaluation of the impact of the Communities for Children (CfC) initiative on child, family, and community outcomes

Commissioned report— Jun 2014

Presents the findings of a mixed-methods research project examining the use and efficacy of Independent Children’s Lawyers in the family law system.

Families, policy and the law
Collection— May 2014

This AIFS book explore some of the complexities of the child and family issues facing those working in social policy and legal systems

Working out relationships
Australian Family Trends— May 2013

This facts sheet focuses on partnership and fertility trends, with a view to feeding into such decision-making

Commissioned report— Mar 2013

Reports findings about the legal system's response to parents' experiences of family violence and concerns about child safety.