Finances & poverty

Child poverty has a demonstrable impact on adult achievement. A wealth of research shows how family finances affect Australian lives.

Publications about Finances & poverty

Family Matters— May 2018
The economic consequences of divorce in six OECD countries
Research Report— Mar 2015

Estimates for men and women are derived from longitudinal data from Australia, Germany, Korea, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States

Commissioned report— Dec 2014

Assesses the impact of the scheme on clients, the effectiveness of the implementation, and the cost-effectiveness of the model, and to inform policy.

Commissioned report— Nov 2014

Examines the main measurement issues that arise when assessing the socio-economic status of women over the life course.

Parents working out work
Australian Family Trends— Apr 2013

This sheet presents statistical information about trends in parents' engagement in paid work, examining mothers' and fathers' employment patterns

Life around here
Research Report— Feb 2012

This report focuses on experiences of community life and the factors that influence participation in paid work

Families in Australia 2011: Sticking together in good and tough times
Research summary— Mar 2011

Report for National Families Week 2011 draws on recent statistics to provide a picture of selected aspects of Australian families in 2011

Lone and couple mothers in the Australian labour market
Research Paper— Jan 2011

This paper investigates the lower employment rates of single mothers by comparing their employment transition rates with those of partnered mothers

The impact of child support payments on the labour supply decisions of resident mothers
Research Paper— Oct 2010

This report analyses the effect of receipt of child support payments on the labour supply of resident mothers

Timing of mothers' return to work after childbearing
Research Paper— Jul 2008

This paper presents Australian research on how different factors relate to the timing of women's return to work after having a child

The nature and impact of caring for family members with a disability in Australia
Research Report— Jun 2008

Based upon data from a national survey, conducted in 2006, of 1,002 carers who receive an Australian Government payment directed towards carers

Work and family responsibilities through life
Research summary— May 2008

The Australian Institute of Family Studies has prepared this Facts Sheet on work and family balance to support the 2008 National Families Week

Research Paper— Jul 2007

This paper compares the employment aspirations and expectations of mothers with and without long-term health problems.

Research Paper— Feb 2007

This report provides some of the first estimates of the financial consequences of divorce for Australians aged 55 to 74 years using HILDA survey data.

Research Paper— Jun 2006

This paper concerns the factor of wages in attracting income support recipients into the work force.

Research Paper— May 2004

This paper explores the relationship between fathers' work hours, their own wellbeing and that of their families using data from the HILDA survey.

Research Paper— Jun 2003

Uses data from 1986 and 1996 Australian Censuses to explore possible reasons for differences in the labour market trends of lone and couple mothers.

Research Paper— May 2003

Investigates the relative impact of trust, bonding, bridging and linking relationships upon labour force status and successful job search method.