Indigenous families

Publications about Indigenous families

CFCA— Aug 2017

A snapshot of the rates of involvement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in child protection and out-of-home care during 2015-16.

Family violence prevention programs in Indigenous communities
Closing the Gap— Dec 2016

Investigates the effectiveness of current mainstream, international, and Indigenous prevention programs and identifies principles of success.

CFCA— Aug 2015

Outlines the contemporary understanding of the Principle, and reviews the barriers at the policy and practice levels that impede its implementation

CFCA— May 2015

A review of the literature on Indigenous community-managed programs and organisations, with a focus on what works in these initiatives

Commissioned report— Dec 2014

Assesses the impact of the scheme on clients, the effectiveness of the implementation, and the cost-effectiveness of the model, and to inform policy.

Commissioned report— Nov 2014

Examines the impact of four programs designed to divert Indigenous people from entering the justice system.

Effective strategies to strengthen the mental health and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
Closing the Gap— Oct 2014

Identifies what works, what doesn't, and the gaps in the research evidence.

CFCA— Sep 2014

Explores some of the characteristics of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural practices that contribute to family functioning

Working with Indigenous men in behaviour change programs
ACSSA Working With— Apr 2014

Helem Yumba Central Queensland Healing Centre is a community organisation in Rockhampton, Queensland, which offers support and counselling services

Review of early childhood parenting, education and health intervention programs for Indigenous children and families in Australia
Closing the Gap— Feb 2014

Reviews the research literature on the effectiveness of intervention programs for Indigenous children and their families in early childhood.

Supporting healthy communities through arts programs
Closing the Gap— Jan 2014

This paper considers the role of the arts in building and supporting healthy communities.

What works?: A review of actions addressing the social and economic determinants of Indigenous health
Closing the Gap— Dec 2013

Reviews evidence relating to improving Indigenous outcomes across a range of key social and economic health and welllbeing.

Engagement with Indigenous communities in key sectors
Closing the Gap— Oct 2013

Draws on the literature from three sectors: early childhood services; environmental and natural resource management activities; and health programs.

Trauma-informed services and trauma-specific care for Indigenous Australian children
Closing the Gap— Jul 2013

This paper focuses on the design and delivery of trauma-informed and trauma-specific children's services and care.

Strategies and practices for promoting the social and emotional wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
Closing the Gap— Feb 2013

Reviews Australian programs that aim to promote social and emotional wellbeing and identifies those that have shown to be effective.