Mental ill-health

AIFS research into mental health issues covers the gamut from survey data analysis to practice guidance for family welfare workers.

Publications about Mental ill-health

AGRC publication— Aug 2016

Informs on the evidence and use of e-mental health support and treatment options and ways these may be developed in the future.

CFCA— Aug 2016

Outlines ways in which practitioners can support healing and recovery in families affected by parental mental illness.

Establishing the connection
Guidelines— May 2016

These guidelines have been developed to build the capacity of workers in the sexual assault and alcohol and other drug sectors to support clients.

Life satisfaction across life course transitions
Australian Family Trends— Sep 2015

Does life satisfaction improve or decline as people grow older? What happens to people's outlook as they pass through the common events of life?

Family Matters— June 2015

CFCA— Feb 2015

A broad overview of some of the key issues identified in the growing literature on paternal mental illness.

Effective strategies to strengthen the mental health and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
Closing the Gap— Oct 2014

Identifies what works, what doesn't, and the gaps in the research evidence.

Acknowledging complexity in the impacts of sexual victimisation trauma
ACSSA Issues— Feb 2014

Paper aims to provide an overview of complex trauma as a concept for classifying a varying range of symptomatology.

Family-related life events
Research Report— Dec 2012

Examines the prevalence of different life events among Australian adults, and the links between life events and personal wellbeing

Addressing women's victimisation histories in custodial settings
ACSSA Issues— Dec 2012

This paper will explore the research on detected female offenders who are also victim/survivors of sexual violence.

Families, life events and family service delivery
Research Report— Aug 2012

This report reviews the literature on life events experienced by families and ways in which they prepare for and/or deal with them

The many facets of shame in intimate partner sexual violence
ACSSA Research Summary— Jan 2012

This paper summarises the research literature on the role and impact of shame for victims/survivors of intimate partner sexual violence

The impacts of sexual assault on women
ACSSA Resource Sheet— Apr 2011

This resource sheet gathers together the findings from a wide range of research into the impacts of sexual assault on adult women

Divorce and the wellbeing of older Australians
Research Paper— Apr 2010

Using data from the HILDA survey, this article provides estimates on the impact of divorce on wellbeing for older Australians aged 55-74 years

The nature and impact of caring for family members with a disability in Australia
Research Report— Jun 2008

Based upon data from a national survey, conducted in 2006, of 1,002 carers who receive an Australian Government payment directed towards carers

ACSSA Wrap— Sep 2007

This paper is about vicarious trauma, a normal response to repeated exposure and empathetic engagement with traumatic material

"Ripple effects" of sexual assault
ACSSA Issues— Jun 2007

This paper discusses some of the widespread effects of sexual assault on families, professionals and society as a whole.