Transitions and life events

What happens to people as they pass through the common events of life?

Publications about Transitions and life events

LSAC Annual Statistical Report 2016— Aug 2017

This is the seventh volume in the LSAC Annual Statistical Report series, which uses data from the last six waves of the study.

Australian Family Trends— Nov 2016

Examines the views of Australians about the obligations of parents and their adult children concerning financial and accommodation support.

CFCA— Oct 2016

Examines Australian and international research to identify key areas of support that may help young people successfully transition from care

Australian children’s screen time and participation in extracurricular activities
LSAC Annual Statistical Report 2015 chapter— Sep 2016

A majority of Australian children are spending more than the recommended two-hour daily limit for screen time.

The nature of living alone in Australia
Australian Family Trends— Dec 2015

What is the nature of living alone and what does it means to the individuals involved?

Life satisfaction across life course transitions
Australian Family Trends— Sep 2015

Does life satisfaction improve or decline as people grow older? What happens to people's outlook as they pass through the common events of life?

Keeping up with information and communication technology
Australian Family Trends— Mar 2015

Older people feel left behind by technology, but so do one in ten younger Australians.

Commissioned report— Nov 2014

Examines the impact of four programs designed to divert Indigenous people from entering the justice system.

Family Matters— October 2014
This article provides a brief overview of the ATP, and highlights some key findings that have emerged over the past three decades
AIFS tile
Commissioned report— Jun 2014

Explores the prevalence of different types of family environments, and the influence of these environments on children's developmental outcomes.

Review of early childhood parenting, education and health intervention programs for Indigenous children and families in Australia
Closing the Gap— Feb 2014

Reviews the research literature on the effectiveness of intervention programs for Indigenous children and their families in early childhood.

The tyrannies of distance and disadvantage
Research Report— Nov 2013

This research report investigates whether children in regional areas experience a "tyranny of distance" or a "tyranny of disadvantage"

Mentoring programs for Indigenous youth at risk
Closing the Gap— Sep 2013

Reviews effective mentoring relationships, how they work, and what further research is needed.

Family Matters— July 2013
Australian households and families
Australian Family Trends— Jul 2013

This facts sheet examines the extent and nature of change in household and family forms.