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Growing Up in Australia research on TV and radio

Findings from research using Growing Up in Australia regularly appear on the TV and radio news and in shows like The Project.

You might also remember that the ABC made a landmark documentary called the Life at … series that was based on the findings from Growing Up In Australia.

Check out the Life series’ website to watch some videos from the show.

In addition, many researchers write journal articles and books, or give presentations about interesting things they have discovered from looking at your data. Watch Professor Ann Sanson talk about Growing up in Australia at the Mind & its Potential Conference in 2011.

And check out the special video celebrating Growing Up in Australia's 10 year anniversary, just before Wave 6 (in 2014).

Recent newspaper articles

There are rising levels of stress and self-harm among children - The Australian (13 December 2014)

This article reports on mental health issues among children. The article discusses links between a child's time use and their behaviour, as reported in a chapter in the LSAC Annual Statistical Report 2013. The chapter, Time Use and Children's Social and Emotional Wellbeing and Temperament,  was written by Killian Mullan of AIFS.

Mateship a struggle for young high school studentsThe Northern Star (28 July 2015)

This article reports on research looking into the transition from primary school to high school. The research published in the LSAC Annual Statistical Report looks into some of the difficulties children face during this transition.

Private schools "perform no better" - The Sydney Morning Herald (16 April 2015)

This article reports on recent research done by the University of Queensland, Curtin University and the University of Southern Queensland. The authors of the research found that public schools performed as well, and sometimes better, than private schools on tests and education scores when the background of students was factored in.

Mothers expect daughters, not sons, will get university degrees - The Age (18 August 2015)

This article reports on research from the LSAC Annual Statistical Report into the educational expectations of parents and children.

Working mums need more mental health support - The Sydney Morning Herald (8 November 2015)

This article reports on research, using LSAC data, conducted at La Trobe University. The research looks into the health and wellbeing of working mothers, with a focus on mental health.

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