How the Growing Up in Australia study has changed Australia for the better

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Here are some really big and important changes that have happened in Australia in recent years, influenced by the Growing Up in Australia study.

Paid Parental Leave

Before you were born only some mums were able to access paid parental leave after they gave birth. Then in 2012 the Australian Government, influenced by findings from the Growing Up in Australia study, introduced the first ever Paid Parental Leave scheme in our history. Now when a baby is born the primary carer (the mum or dad who is taking time off work to look after the baby) receives 18 weeks of paid leave, to help pay the bills while they're not working.

Family law

Data from Growing Up in Australia was used to help make improvements to the laws governing separation and divorce. The changes made this difficult time for kids and parents a bit easier, and ensured that kids' safety is the most important factor in making decisions after separation. The information from kids in Growing Up in Australia whose parents had separated helped to tell the government what sorts of things kids found difficult and what things made things easier, so the government knew what changes they should focus on.

Early Childhood education

Findings from important studies including Growing Up in Australia showed that not all children had access to early childhood education, like preschool or kindergarten. They also showed that the kids that didn't go to preschool or kinder didn't do as well at school compared to those who did. So in 2013 the State and Federal Governments signed an agreement (the National Partnership Agreement on Early Childhood Education) to ensure that every child has access to early childhood education.

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