Privacy of the online survey

How secure is the online survey? 

Your Survey Account is the key to your information. To protect your information from unauthorised access, please ensure you keep your user identifier and password secure. The Survey Account’s strong password requirements and security questions have been implemented to ensure the process of completing your survey online is as secure as possible. 

The Online Survey website is accredited and maintained to Commonwealth Government internet security standards to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of information you provide via Survey Account. These standards meet or exceed the Australian Information Security Standard (AS/NZS 4444).

We have endeavoured to make the Online Survey as secure as possible. Before using these systems it is important to consider the security of your own computer. 

The information you provide using Survey Account is kept secure through the use of the strongest industry standard encryption technology that your web browser will support. This means that the information you send is not able to be read by anyone but us. All possible measures to protect the integrity of the online form have been taken. 

Please see the ABS page increasing your safety online for more information.

Are you sure that no one will be able to access my online survey answers?

Yes. The information you send is not able to be read by anyone but us.

Are my answers kept confidential?

Yes. All information collected is kept strictly confidential.

Do you share my data with anyone?

In line with the Privacy Act 1988, separate consent is sought from study participants to release personal and sensitive information to any other person or organisation for the purpose of the study. If the organisation responsible for future data collection phases of the study changes, the ABS will be required to disclose information to that organisation. Participation in the study is voluntary. Growing Up in Australia study participants may withdraw from the study at any time or choose not to take part in some aspects of the study. However, information collected prior to withdrawal continues to be used and forms part of the Growing Up in Australia data.

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