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You've been part of this really important study for more than 10 years. Thanks so much for your contribution!

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Why we need your information

Researchers use information collected from you, your parents and other sources to figure out which things will make the most difference in improving the lives of young people growing up in your generation as well as future generations.

Find out about some of the big findings that have been made thanks to Growing Up in Australia.

What we do with your information

We use your information to work out how to make things better for generations of children and young people in the future.

Findings from Growing Up in Australia have already helped to make some really big and important changes that have happened in Australia in recent years, such as:

Now that you're growing up, your information could improve policies and services for thousands of other young people like you, who are facing similar challenges.

See more about how the Growing Up in Australia study has changed Australia for the better.

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