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More young adults living at home with their parents

Media release — May 2019

More young people especially those in capital cities are choosing to stay at home and live with their parents in their early adulthood, according to the Australian Institute of Family Studies.


Teen girls influenced by fathers' heavy drinking

Media release — February 2019

Findings from the longitudinal Study of Australian Children show that when a father engages in regular heavy drinking (defined as more than five drinks more than twice a month) when his daughter is aged 12-13, it has a strong bearing on the likelihood she will try alcohol by age 14-15.

Most teenagers turn to parents and friends for help

Media release — November 2018

The vast majority of Australian adolescents seek help for their personal and emotional problems from their parents and friends rather than health professionals, according to new research by the Australian Institute of Family Studies.

Strong peer group helps keep bullies at bay

Media release — November 2018

Adolescents with a strong peer group and close friends are less likely to be victims of bullying, according to new research by the Australian Institute of Family Studies.

Dieting a weight on teenage minds

Media release — October 2018

A national study of Australian 14-15 year olds has found that many young people have negative feelings and beliefs about gaining weight.

Children growing up in families under housing stress

Media release — October 2018

Many Australian children come from families that have experienced housing affordability stress for a period of time while they were growing up, according to research by the Australian Institute of Family Studies.

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