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A rough road to relocation

Media release — February 2011

An analysis of all 190 Family Court relocation judgements that were handed down between 2002 and 2004 found 80 per cent of parents involved in these disputes had high conflict, abusive relationships involving allegations of family violence and prior court proceedings.

Mothers spend most time with children post-separation

Media release — February 2011

Children in separated families still spend considerably more time with their mother than their father despite 2006 family law reforms that promoted shared care arrangements, a new study has found.

Giving voice: Women tell of abusers' tactics

Media release — December 2010

A study of women sexual assault survivors by the Australian Institute of Family Studies sheds light on the circumstances, the contributing factors and tactics used by offenders.

Family is for life

Media release — September 2010

Australian children who grew up in families where they were maltreated, experienced poverty, or had less supportive parents are significantly more likely to develop psychological problems as young adults, according to research released today by the Australian Institute of Family Studies.

The modern family: Look how we've changed

Media release — July 2010

Australian families have changed significantly over the last thirty years but they remain the basic unit in society for caring for each other and raising children, according to data released by the Australian Institute of Family Studies today.

Fathers spend less time with their children

Media release — May 2010

Children are spending considerably less time with their fathers than their mothers, according to research released today by the Australian Institute of Family Studies.

Neighbourhood perceptions influence children’s development

Media release — May 2010

Residents’ perceptions of their neighbourhood, including facilities, safety, cleanliness and a sense of belonging, influenced their children’s emotional and behavioural development, a new study by the Australian Institute of Family Studies has found.

Young people taking risks in the drivers seat

Media release — April 2010

A new report has found young Australians in their mid-twenties are involved in risky driving behaviour including speeding; drink driving; not wearing a seatbelt; being under the influence of an illegal drug and using a mobile phone while driving.

Family "not the enemy" of teenagers

Media release — March 2010

Parents are not the natural enemies of teenagers and shouldn’t be seen as irrelevant or the cause of all the problems their adolescents face, according to a discussion paper published today by the Australian Institute of Family Studies.


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