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Evaluation of the 2006 family law reforms finds mixed results

Media release — January 2010

The most comprehensive evaluation of Australia's family law system - drawing on the experience of 28,000 Australians - has found that overall the recent reforms are working well for the majority of children and their parents.

Therapy online: In cyberspace no-one can see you cry

Media release — October 2009

Online therapy sessions could deliver help to thousands of Australians including women seeking help with domestic violence and country people whose self-reliance, heavy work schedule and geographic isolation rule out seeing a therapist face-to-face.

Doing it tough: Carers in rural Australia

Media release — October 2009

A groundbreaking study of carers in regional and remote Australia has revealed that those living in drought-affected areas are less likely to be employed full-time.

Child Protection: Can we do better?

Media release — September 2009

How can Australian statutory child protection services work better to prevent child abuse and neglect? What are the lessons from the ongoing Northern Territory intervention for policy and practice?

Farmers feeling the fall-out from the big dry

Media release — July 2009

The continuing drought throughout much of southeast Australia and parts of central Australia is having a significant impact on the mental health of farmers and those out of work.

The long lasting financial impacts of divorce for women

Media release — July 2009

A new, long lens study of the financial impact of divorce on women and men has found that five years later, divorced women are still significantly worse off than both divorced men, and women who never divorced.

Study sheds new light on how babies are parented

Media release — June 2009

A groundbreaking study of how babies’ days are spent has found there is little difference between how much time the babies of working mothers are held, cuddled and read to compared to the babies of full time stay at home mothers.

Sole-parent families: Beyond the stereotypes

Media release — June 2009

Sole-parent families are on the rise in Australia but many single mothers don’t match the stereotypical view of unwed, young and welfare-dependent, according to the Australian Institute of Family Studies.


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