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Maintaining the gains: sustainability in prevention and early intervention

Media release — March 2007

Prevention and early intervention programs offer the potential to address and overcome a wide range of problems in development, health, learning, behaviour and wellbeing. Both have a capacity to reduce the factors that may have negative impacts on development, while enhancing strengths and enriching positive factors.

The economic value of the harvesting of wild resources to the Indigenous community of the Wallis Lake catchment

Media release — March 2007

Fishing for household consumption remains an important economic activity for Indigenous people in more settled parts of Australia. New research from the Australian Institute of Family Studies, published in Family Matters no.75, describes the variety of wild resources used by the Indigenous families of the Wallis Lake catchment in coastal New South Wales, and estimates the economic benefits derived from the use of wild resources.

Baby boomers set to feel the cost of divorce in old age

Media release — February 2007

New research published by the Australian Institute of Family Studies in its Research Paper - The consequences of divorce for financial living standards in later life - reveals that having been divorced has negative financial consequences for older age.

Baby boomers set to feel the cost of divorce in old age

Family Matters No. 74 2006 is published.

Media release — October 2006

Family Matters No. 74 2006 is published. With a focus on children in context, this edition includes articles on the health and wellbeing of mothers of different ages and their infants, ideas for child and family services, parents of adult children with an intellectual disability, parents' perceptions of their neighbourhoods, and the paid work characteristics of mothers with infants.

Just released Family Matters No. 73 2006

Media release — June 2006

In addition to the Institute's Research Plan for 2006-2008, this edition includes articles on remote Indigenous households, on the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Survey, on the socio-demographic characteristics of new mothers, and trends in marriage and family formation.

Mums' wage goals realistic

Media release — June 2006

Unreasonable wage expectations are not a major reason for mothers with dependent children failing to find employment.


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