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A window on Australia's children

Media release — June 2007

How four year-olds spend their days: Insights into the caring contexts of young children, by Dr Jennifer Baxter and Professor Alan Hayes in Family Matters, no.76, 2007.

Families caring for people with disabilities

Media release — June 2007

The Families Caring for a Person with a Disability Study and the social lives of carers, by Dr Ben Edwards, Dr Daryl Higgins (Australian Institute of Family Studies), and Dr Norbert Zmijewski (Australian Government Department of Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs) in Family Matters, no.76, 2007.

Sexual assault is a family matter

Media release — June 2007

Caring about sexual assault: the effects of sexual assault on families, and the effects of family responses to sexual assault on victim/survivors, by Dr Zoë Morrison in Family Matters, no.76, 2007.

Benchmark report: Allegations in Family Law Proceedings

Media release — May 2007

The Australian Institute of Family Studies released a major new research report today. It was commissioned by the Australian Government's Attorney-General's Department as part of its Family Law Violence Strategy. The report is a benchmark study based on data relating to a period prior to the 2006 reforms to the family law system and will be used to assist in evaluating aspects of the reforms. It provides some challenging findings about the frequency of allegations of violence and abuse and the amount of supporting material around those allegations.

Families spending time together

Media release — May 2007

In celebration of National Families Week 2007, the Australian Institute of Family Studies has produced a Facts Sheet about how families spend their time.

Caring for our children - parents and carers

Media release — April 2007

New research published by the Australian Institute of Family Studies reveals that children from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds who are looked after by a carer from a different cultural background may encounter confusing or conflicting responses when in day care.

Maintaining the gains: sustainability in prevention and early intervention

Media release — March 2007

Prevention and early intervention programs offer the potential to address and overcome a wide range of problems in development, health, learning, behaviour and wellbeing. Both have a capacity to reduce the factors that may have negative impacts on development, while enhancing strengths and enriching positive factors.

The economic value of the harvesting of wild resources to the Indigenous community of the Wallis Lake catchment

Media release — March 2007

Fishing for household consumption remains an important economic activity for Indigenous people in more settled parts of Australia. New research from the Australian Institute of Family Studies, published in Family Matters no.75, describes the variety of wild resources used by the Indigenous families of the Wallis Lake catchment in coastal New South Wales, and estimates the economic benefits derived from the use of wild resources.


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