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Fly-in fly-out families cope with the challenges

Media release — February 2014

Australian families with a fly-in, fly-out income earner have mostly adjusted to the unique set of challenges of the lifestyle, according to an analysis by the Australian Institute of Family Studies.

International conference examines policy challenges to social cohesion

Media release — July 2013

Leading researchers from around the world will convene in Sydney next week for the Fifth International Community, Work and Family Conference, July 17-19th to look at the impact of rapid industrial, social and technological change on communities, workplaces and families.

New technology and sexual violence

Media release — February 2013

Technology such as social networking and mobile phones is part and parcel of young people’s lives, and can provide a range of opportunities for sexual violence, according to a research study released today by the Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS).

Stressful life events often the last straw

Media release — September 2012

Australians who experience stressful life events like separation or serious personal injury were often experiencing lower wellbeing prior to the event occurring, according to new research released today by the Australian Institute of Family Studies.

Tuned in or dropped out? Young children and TV

Media release — August 2012

A study of young children’s TV use by the Australian Institute of Family Studies and the University of New England has found that disadvantaged children are watching more television than children in families from higher socio-economic backgrounds.

The financial impact of divorce

Media release — July 2012

Joint research led by the Australian Institute of Family Studies has found that equivalised household income after divorce declined for women but not for men.

Northern Territory Emergency Response heading in the right direction

Media release — July 2012

The Northern Territory Emergency Response (NTER) has increased awareness of child safety and led to more resources to counter under-reporting and investigation of child maltreatment, according to an analysis of data on the response by the Australian Institute of Family Studies.

Does marriage matter for children?

Media release — November 2011

New research by the Australian Institute of Family Studies finds that children of married couples have higher levels of learning and social and emotional development than children of de-facto parents or single mothers.

A rough road to relocation

Media release — February 2011

An analysis of all 190 Family Court relocation judgements that were handed down between 2002 and 2004 found 80 per cent of parents involved in these disputes had high conflict, abusive relationships involving allegations of family violence and prior court proceedings.

Mothers spend most time with children post-separation

Media release — February 2011

Children in separated families still spend considerably more time with their mother than their father despite 2006 family law reforms that promoted shared care arrangements, a new study has found.


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