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Teen career dreams fit gender stereotypes

Media release — August 2017

Six in ten Australian 14-15 year-olds know what career they would like to have in the future but the jobs that boys aspire to are quite different to those that girls aspire to.

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Young carers fall behind in school

Media release — August 2017

Young carers suffer a substantial negative impact on their academic achievement arising from their time spent caring for others.

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Across the generations family comes first

Media release — December 2016

Australians believe that parents and their adult children have an obligation to support each other practically and financially, according to research by the Australian Institute of Family Studies.

New migrants at risk of gambling problems

Media release — October 2016

Australia’s strong gambling culture and the stress of migration are placing migrants and refugees at risk of developing problems with gambling, according to a discussion paper by the Australian Gambling Research Centre, based at the Australian Institute of Family Studies.

Two in five children live in a complex family

Media release — October 2016

Two in five Australian children live in households with more complex family relationships at some stage during their childhood, according to long-term research by the Australian Institute of Family Studies.

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Parents primary school choice about more than academic results

Media release — September 2016

Australian parents decide which primary school is best for their child based on convenience and a host of other largely, personal factors that go beyond academic outcomes, according to new research by the Australian Institute of Family Studies.

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Australian children spending more time on screens

Media release — September 2016

A majority of Australian children are spending large amounts of time on screen activities in excess of the recommended 2-hour daily limit for screen entertainment, according to research by the Australian Institute of Family Studies.

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