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Early Childhood Teachers Association
Thornlands, Qld
29 June 2019


Understanding Society Scientific Conference
Essex, UK
2-4 July 2019

Social Policy Association
Durham, UK
8-10 July 2019

28th National VET Research Conference
Adelaide, SA
10-12 July 2019

Beyond Mothering Myths?: Motherhood in an Age of Neoliberalism and Individualisation
Camperdown, NSW
10-12 July 2019

Macquarie University - 3rd Infant and Toddlers Conference
North Ryde, NSW
19-20 July 2019

National Elder Abuse Conference 
Brisbane, Qld
22-23 July 2019

VCOSS-MAV Emergency Management Forum
Melbourne, Vic
23 July 2019

Australian and New Zealand Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abuse Biennial Conference
Brisbane, NT
25-26 July 2019

Rural Social Work Conference
Horsham, Vic
25-26 July 2019

National Suicide Prevention Conference
Albert Park, Vic
25-27 July 2019

International Mental Health Conference
Gold Coast, Qld
31 July - 2 August 2019


Midwest (WA) Early Childhood Summit Conference - new
Geraldton, WA
2-4 August 2019

National Housing Conference
Darwin, NT
27-30 August 2019


8th SNAICC National Conference
Adelaide, SA
2-5 September 2018

Our infants - infant mental health is a public health matter
Adelaide, SA
4-7 September 2019

Children and Young People’s Mental health and Wellbeing
Stirling, UK
5-7 September 2019

Australian Social Policy Conference
Kensington, NSW
9-11 September 2019

Australasian Conference on Traumatic Stress
Sydney, NSW
12-14 September 2019

ISPCAN International Congress
Muscat, Oman
15-18 September 2019

Australian Public Health Conference
Adelaide, SA
17-19 September 2019

Australian Conference for Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Hobart, Tas
19-21 September 2019

Health Justice Conference
Ultimo, NSW
24-25 September 2019

Early Childhood Australia National Conference
Hobart, Tas
25-28 September 2019

Working with violence with adults and youth: effective clinical, welfare and legal strategies
Prato, Italy
30 September - 2 October 2019


FECCA Conference (Federation of Ethnic Communities’ Councils of Australia)
Hobart, Tas
10-11 October 2019

Frontline Mental Health Conference - new
Townsville, Qld
20-22 October 2019

4th National LGBT&I Ageing and Aged Care Conference - new
Melbourne, Vic
24-25 October 2019

International Conference on Youth Mental Health
Brisbane, Qld
26-28 October 2019

National Brain Injury Conference
Parkville, Vic
28-29 October 2019

Australian Rural and Remote Mental Health Symposium
Adelaide, SA
28-30 October 2019

Lead the Way : Towards Wellbeing Conference - new
Sydney, NSW
31 Oct - 1 Nov 2019


Fourth World Conference of Women’s Shelters
Kaohsiung, Taiwan
5-8 November 2019

Justice for Young People - new
Melbourne, Vic
8-9 November 2019

Voice in action: CREATE Foundation Conference
Melbourne, Vic
14-16 November 2019

Addressing Filicide 
Melbourne, Vic
14-15 November 2019

Family Relationship Services Australia Conference
Hunter Valley, NSW
19-22 November 2019


ANZSOC Australian and New Zealand Society of Criminology Conference
Perth, WA
10-13 December 2019



Centre for Research on Families and Relationships International Conference
Edinburgh, UK
22-24 June 2020


Australian and New Zealand Statistical Conference
Gold Coast, Qld
6-10 July 2020

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