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AIFS Research Directions 2012-2015 - describes the social trends influencing Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS) research and the four areas of specific focus for our research from 2012 to 2015.

Four directions for AIFS research 2012-15

Family change, functioning and wellbeing

Families are diverse in the forms they take and in the ways in which they live their lives. They are also constantly evolving. Families not only respond to social change but also contribute to it, given that they are the building blocks of society. Read more about Direction 1: Family change, functioning and wellbeing.

Social and economic participation for families

Another important priority for research in this triennium concerns the economic and social wellbeing of families, their access to resources, and how to best support and sustain families, particularly during times of economic uncertainty or change. Read more about Direction: 2 Social and economic participation for families.

Child and family safety

Continuing to develop the evidence base for preventing and responding to abuse, neglect and violence against children and adults remains a priority. Translating the research findings into practical knowledge for counsellors and other family support practitioners is also a particular focus for AIFS through its information exchange Child Family Community Australia (CFCA). Read more about Direction 3: Child and family safety.

Services to support families

This final direction looks at the trajectories of families as they develop, focusing on research and evaluation evidence relating to services that support families during times of vulnerability, transition and change, as well as services that support and sustain the majority of families who are cohesive to function effectively and demonstrate resilience. Read more about Direction 4: Services to support families.

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