Family trends and transitions

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Australia has one of the fastest growing populations in the developed world. As the population grows the way we live, where we live and how we relate to each other changes. These changes form trends reflecting the contemporary issues with which Australians are grappling such as people living longer, marriage break-ups and new relationships, adult children living at home and the role of grandparents.

Family demography, family trends and transitions are important research areas for the Institute. Some of the areas we have looked at include:

  • family demography
  • patterns of leaving home
  • living arrangements
  • couple and family formation
  • family stability
  • family dissolution and re-formation.

Our research studies use a wide variety of datasets including the Census and data derived from large-scale Australian Bureau of Statistics surveys, AIFS surveys such as The Longitudinal Study of Separated Families and other surveys such as HILDA: the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia.

Current projects

Growing up in Australia: The Longitudinal Study of Australian Children (LSAC)
A major study following the development of 10,000 children and families from all parts of Australia.

Maternal employment trends and transitions
This project analyses mothers’ employment, drawing upon various Australian datasets.

Retirement decision-making
This project analyses many aspects of retirement decision making using a range of Australian datasets.

Selected publications

Australian families with children and adolescents
Highlights some of the ways in which Australian families with children under 18 years old have changed or remained stable.

Demographics of living alone
Describes the trends in living alone and describes the characteristics of people who live alone.

Australian households and families
Outlines the extent and nature of various changes that have been occurring in households in Australia.

Working out relationships
This fact sheet focuses on partnership and fertility trends in Australia.

Families working together: Getting the balance right
Highlights some of the ways in which time commitments vary over the life course.

Parents working out work
Presents statistical information about trends in parents' engagement in paid work, examining mothers' and fathers' employment patterns

Families in regional, rural and remote Australia
Describes how the characteristics of families differ between the city and the country.

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