Past Projects


June 2013 - June 2014 — Past Project

To understand the priority gambling research needs in Australia, and the information needs of professionals and engaged community advocacy groups.


The Gambling Behaviour Checklist

June 2013 - May 2017 — Past Project

The Gambling Behaviour Checklist (GBC) has been designed for gaming venue staff to use to identify customers exhibiting problem gambling behaviour.

National Gambling Reporting System (NGRS)

Jan 2017 - June 2017 — Past Project

Proposal for a national gambling monitoring system to facilitate systematic, ongoing gambling data collection, analysis and dissemination in Australia

Cradle to Kinder program evaluation

2013-2016 — Past Project

In partnership with the Centre for Community & Child Health, AIFS is conducting a comprehensive evaluation of the Victorian Cradle to Kinder program.

Children and Young People in Separated Families

May 2016 - February 2018 — Past Project

This project aims to develop a better understanding of the experiences of children and young people whose parents have used family law services.

Working together to care for kids

Project— June 2015 - March 2017 — Past Project

This study seeks to increase understanding of the needs and experiences of formal carers of children who have been unable to live with their parents.

Empowering migrant and refugee women

July - November 2016 — Past Project

This project aimed to identify good practice services and/or programmes being delivered to migrant and refugee women and their families in Australia.