People Introduction

Kristel Alla

Knowledge Translation Specialist, Knowledge Translation & Impact

Dr Kristel Alla works as a Knowledge Translation Specialist in the Knowledge Translation and Impact Team. 

Nikola Balvin

Senior Research Fellow, Knowledge Translation & Impact

Dr Nikola Balvin is a Senior Research Fellow co-leading the knowledge translation and impact work on Emerging Minds.

Dinusha Bandara

Senior Manager, Data Management & Linkage

Dinusha Bandara joined the Institute to lead the management of data and analytics within the Longitudinal and Lifecourse Studies team.

Jennifer Baxter

Senior Research Fellow

Dr Jennifer Baxter is currently managing the evaluation of the Australian Government’s Child Care Package.

Mikayla Budinski

Research Officer

Mikayla joined AIFS in 2018 as a Research Officer in the Child Care Evaluation team at AIFS.

Megan Carroll

Senior Research Officer

Megan Carroll joined AIFS in 2016, and has been involved in data analysis for a range of projects across the Institute. 

Rachel Carson

Senior Research Fellow

Dr Rachel Carson is a socio-legal researcher with expertise in family law and qualitative research about family law disputes.

Galina Daraganova

Executive Manager

Dr Galina Daraganova primarily focuses her research on the theory and application of longitudinal data analysis for complex data. She has previously specialised in the statistical models for social networks.

John De Maio

Research Fellow

John De Maio is a researcher in the Evaluation of the 2006 Family Law Reforms team.

Will Douglas

Research Officer

Will Douglas joined AIFS in 2017 and is currently working as a Research Officer in the Child Family Community Australia (CFCA) team.