Adam Dean

Adam Dean

Senior Research Officer
Australian Institute of Family Studies
BA(Hons) (Deakin)

Adam is a Senior Research Officer in the Child Family Community Australia (CFCA) information exchange. Adam works on a range of knowledge translation products and community engagement activities as part of the CFCA information exchange.

Selected publications

Dean, A. (2018). The intersection between the child protection and youth justice systems (CFCA Resource Sheet). Melbourne: Australian Institute of Family Studies.

Muir, S., & Dean, A. (2017). Evaluating the outcomes of programs for Indigenous families and communities (CFCA Practice Resource). Melbourne: Australian Institute of Family Studies.

Knight, K., & Dean, A. (2016). Stronger communities, safer children: Findings from recent Australian research on the importance of community in keeping children safe (CFCA Resource Sheet). Melbourne: Australian Institute of Family Studies.