Cassandra de Lacy-Vawdon

Cassandra de Lacy-Vawdon

Research Officer
Australian Institute of Family Studies
BHSc (Hons) (Monash)

Cassandra de Lacy-Vawdon is a Research Officer with the Australian Gambling Research Centre (AGRC). Since joining the AGRC in October 2016, Cassandra has been contributing to the Weighing up the Odds study, the National Gambling Reporting System pilot study, and the VRGF Public Health Policy Review.

Cassandra also undertakes work for Monash University on a range of gambling research projects, including the VRGF Public Health Policy Review in collaboration with the AGRC; as well as obesity prevention projects centric on physical activity interventions.

Selected publications

Jenkinson, R., de Lacy-Vawdon, C. & Carroll, M. (2018). Weighing up the odds: young men, sports and betting. Melbourne: Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation

Livingstone, C., Rintoul, A., de Lacy-Vawdon, C., Borland, R., Dietze, P., Jenkinson, R. et al. (forthcoming 2018). Identifying effective policy interventions to prevent gambling-related harm. Final report to the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation, Melbourne, Victoria.

Jenkinson, R., de Lacy-Vawdon, C., & Carroll, M. (2018). ‘Weighing up the Odds’: Young men, sports and betting. Paper presented at the International Gambling Conference, Auckland, New Zealand, February, 2018.

Kipsaina, C., Thomas, A., Rintoul, A., Jenkinson, R., & de Lacy-Vawdon, C. Harm Surveillance Systems for Gambling: Designing a National Gambling Reporting System for Australia[poster]. Presented at the International Gambling Conference,14 February 2018, Auckland, New Zealand.