Deborah Kirkwood

Deborah Kirkwood

Senior Research Officer
Australian Institute of Family Studies
PhD (Monash University)

Deborah Kirkwood has a doctorate in social science. She has extensive research and policy experience from her work in government and non-government organisations and universities. Deborah has written extensively on issues relating to violence against women and children. In previous roles as Senior Researcher at the Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria and Adjunct Research Fellow in the School of Social Sciences, Monash University, she has undertaken research on intimate partner homicide, filicide, family dispute resolution, the impact of family violence on children and child protection. Deborah has worked collaboratively across community organisations and with academics from Law and Social Work faculties applying a socio-legal approach to her work. She has presented research findings through a broad range of mediums with a focus on knowledge translation.

At the Australian Institute of Family Studies, Deborah is part of the Child Family Community Australia (CFCA) Information Exchange.

Selected publications

Humphreys, C, Healey, L, Kirkwood, D & Nicholson, D (2018) Children living with domestic violence: A differential response through multi-agency collaboration, Australian Social Work.

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