Karen Broadley

Karen Broadley

Senior Research Officer
Australian Institute of Family Studies
BA (RMIT), Master of Social Science (ACU)

Karen works in the Child Family Community Australia team at  AIFS as a Senior Research Officer.  Karen has more than 20 years’ experience working in the field of youth work, child and family welfare, and statutory child protection services. This has included a number of roles within the Victorian statutory child protection system, including leadership positions.  Karen has sole-authored and co-authored a number of journal articles, book chapters, and reports, all focusing on the topic of child protection and child safety. They include a critique of the public health model as it is applied to child protection; risk assessment of sex offenders; intervening to protect children from cumulative harm, children’s participation in child protection decision making; and child protection workers decision making. 

Selected publications

Broadley. K. (in press).  Virtue ethics and good professional judgment in child protection. In Y. Robinson, W. Petherick & I. Bryce (Eds.), Child Abuse: Evidence, Prevention, Management and Policy, Elsevier.

Broadley. K. (in press). A decision making framework for the child protection intake phase. In Y. Robinson, W. Petherick & I. Bryce (Eds.), Child Abuse: Evidence, Prevention, Management and Policy, Elsevier

Goddard. C., Broadley. K., & Hunt. S. (2017).  Children’s Services: Toward Effective Child Protection. In L. Dixon, D. Perkins, C. Hamilton-Giachritsis & L. Craig (Eds.), What Works in child Protection: an Evidence-Based approach to Assessment and Intervention in Care Proceedings. Wiley-Blackwell Publishers.

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