Mabel Andalón

Mabel Andalón

Research Fellow
Australian Institute of Family Studies
BA Econ (UDLA-P, Mexico City), PhD PAM (Cornell, NY)

Mabel Andalón is a microeconomist interested in improving individual wellbeing, particularly of those in disadvantaged and vulnerable conditions. She is currently a Research Fellow in the Longitudinal and Life-course Studies research and analysis team. At AIFS, Mabel is developing a research agenda to better understand what individual, family and neighbourhood characteristics drive physical and mental health investments and how these investments translate into better socioeconomic and income-generating opportunities. She is currently using data from the Australian Longitudinal Study on Male Health and the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children.

Before joining AIFS in 2018, Mabel was a Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne and worked as a consultant for the World Bank and the United Nations Development Programme. Her research has advanced the understanding of whether and how: 1) interventions that involve increased schooling and health knowledge affect risky health behaviours (e.g. teen pregnancy and obesity), and 2) shocks that are beyond parental control (e.g. weather shocks) affect child health and development.

Selected publications

Andalón, M., & Gibson, J. (2018). The ‘soda tax’ is unlikely to make Mexicans lighter or healthier: New evidence on biases in elasticities of demand for soda, MPRA Paper 86370. University Library of Munich, Germany.

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