Michelle Silbert

Michelle Silbert

Senior Research Officer
Australian Institute of Family Studies
BA (Crim Psych) (ECU)

Michelle Silbert is a Senior Research Officer who joined the Institute in 2012. Michelle is working on Building a New Life in Australia, a longitudinal study examining the settlement outcomes of recently arrived humanitarian migrants in Australia.

Before joining AIFS, Michelle worked at the Social Research Centre where she managed a longitudinal study assessing client’s experiences of employment services and income support. Prior to this, Michelle worked at the Department of Corrective Services in Western Australia, evaluating offender treatment programs. 

Selected publications

De Maio, J., Silbert, M., Stathopoulos, M., Rioseco, P., Jenkinson, R. & Edwards, B. (2017). Empowering migrant and refugee women: Supporting and empowering women beyond five-year post-settlement(Research Report No. 38). Melbourne: Australian Institute of Family Studies.

Jenkinson, R., Silbert, M., De Maio, J., & Edwards, B. (2016). Settlement experiences of recently arrived humanitarian migrants (Building a New Life in Australia Fact Sheet). Melbourne: Australian Institute of Family Studies.

Lahausse, J, & Silbert, M. (2015). Service provision and support.  Pathways of Care Longitudinal Study: Outcomes of Children and Young People in Out-of-Home Care in NSW. Wave 1 Baseline Statistical Report. Sydney: N.S.W. Department of Family and Community Services.