Stewart Muir

Stewart Muir

Senior Research Fellow and Manager Policy and Service System
Australian Institute of Family Studies
BA (Hons) (ANU), PhD (La Trobe)

A socio-cultural anthropologist by training, Dr Stewart Muir joined AIFS as a Research Fellow in 2014. Prior to his work at AIFS, Stewart was a member of the Centre for Research on Socio-cultural Change (CRESC) and the Morgan Centre for Relationships and Personal Life, both at the University of Manchester. Stewart has research interests in family and kinship, intergenerational relations, mobility studies and qualitative research methods.

Stewart also has extensive experience in indigenous affairs and has worked as a cultural heritage consultant with Aboriginal communities in Victoria and New South Wales.

Selected publications

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Muir, S., & Morley, S. (2015) What are the family protective factors for members transitioning from Defence service? A rapid evidence assessment. Commissioned by the Department of Veterans' Affairs

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