People Introduction

Rae Kaspiew

Senior Research Fellow

Dr Rae Kaspiew is a socio-legal researcher with particular expertise in family law and family violence. She manages the AIFS' family law and family violence research programs.

Pauline Kenny

Research Fellow

Pauline Kenny primarily focuses her research on the impacts of past adoption practices in Australia. She has previously specialised in the field of alcohol and other drug research.

Chebiwot Kipsaina

Research Fellow

Dr Chebiwot Kipsaina is a Research Fellow at AIFS, with the Australian Gambling Research Centre (AGRC)

Ken Knight

Manager, Community Engagement

Ken Knight coordinates communications activities for the Child Family Community Australia (CFCA) information exchange.

Julie Lahausse

Research Fellow

Dr Julie Lahausse is currently working on Working Together to Care for Kids: A survey of foster and relative/kinship carers

Joe Latham

Research Officer

Joe Latham is a Research Officer working on The effects of pornography on children and young people project. He recently completed his PhD at Latrobe University.

Sharnee Moore

Research Fellow

Sharnee Moore is a socio-legal researcher and her work primarily focuses on issues relating to domestic and family violence and vulnerable families in a family law context.

Sam Morley

Senior Research Officer

Sam Morley works on the AIFS Knowledge Circle and other qualitative research projects. His research specialises in Indigenous affairs.

Stewart Muir

Research Fellow

Dr Stewart Muir is a socio-cultural anthropologist and has extensive experience in research on Indigenous affairs.

Meredith O'Connor

Research Fellow

Dr Meredith O’Connor is an education and developmental psychologist specialising in understanding healthy development over the life course.