People Introduction

Jasmine MacDonald

Senior Research Officer, Child and Family Evidence

Jasmine MacDonald is a Senior Research Officer in the Child and Family Evidence team

Jatender Mohal

Senior Manager, Data Management & Linkage

Jatender Mohal is Senior Manager, Data Management and Linkage at AIFS.

Sharnee Moore

Research Fellow

Sharnee Moore is a socio-legal researcher and evaluator who has worked on many AIFS projects concerning a range of issues.

Rachel Mudge

Executive Manager, Research Development

Dr Rachel Mudge is Executive Manager of Research Development at the Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS).

Stewart Muir

Executive Manager, Family Policy & Practice Research

Dr Stewart Muir is a socio-cultural anthropologist and has extensive experience in research on Indigenous affairs.

Cailem Murray Boyle

Senior Research Officer

Cailem Murray Boyle is a Senior Research Officer within the Australian Gambling Research Centre.

Karlee O'Donnell

Senior Research Officer

Karlee O’Donnell is a Senior Research Officer working in the Longitudinal and Lifecourse Studies team.

Jennifer Prattley

Statistician, Research & Analysis - LLS

Dr Jennifer Prattley is a statistician and researcher of longitudinal and life course methods.

Louise Press

Research Officer

Louise Press is a Research Officer within the Family Law, Family Violence and Elder Abuse Research Team.

Lixia Qu

Senior Research Fellow

Dr Lixia Qu is a Senior Research Fellow who has undertaken a range of research on family related issues at AIFS.