People Introduction

Helena Romaniuk

Research Fellow

Dr Helena Romaniuk is a statistician whose research focuses on analysing complex survey data of a longitudinal nature, particularly the data from the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children (LSAC). 


Kate Rosier

Research Officer

Kate assists in the research synthesis and production of CFCA publications and resources, which have a focus on protecting children, supporting families and strengthening communities.

Michelle Silbert

Senior Research Officer

Michelle Silbert works as a researcher on the Longitudinal Study of Humanitarian Migrants.

Jessica Smart

Senior Research Officer

Jessica Smart is a Senior Research Officer working in the Child Family Community Australia (CFCA) team at the Institute.

Mary Stathopoulos

Senior Research Officer

Mary Stathopoulos primarily focuses her research on gender, sexual violence, violence against women and gendered cultural images.

Anna Thomas

Senior Research Fellow

Dr Anna Thomas manages the Australian Gambling Research Centre and specialises in harm reduction in gambling.

Suzanne Vassallo

Research Fellow

Suzanne Vassallo works on the Australian Temperament Project (ATP). Her research interests include longitudinal research, the development of risk-taking behaviour and adjustment difficulties in adolescents and young adults.

Diana Warren

Research Fellow

Dr Diana Warren primarily focuses her research on the application of longitudinal data analysis for complex survey data. Her main research interests are economics of education and labour economics.

Ruth Weston

Assistant Director, Research

Ruth Weston PSM assists the Director and Deputy Director (Research) in overseeing the AIFS' research program. Her research focuses on family transitions and wellbeing at both the macro- and micro-levels.

Maggie Yu

Senior Research Officer

Maggie Yu works within the Australian Gambling Research Centre (AGRC).