People Introduction

Antonia Quadara

Research Fellow

Dr Antonia Quadara primarily focuses her research on violence against women. She manages the AIFS sexual violence research program.

Brendan Quinn

Research Fellow

Dr Brendan Quinn is a Research Fellow with AIFS’ Longitudinal and Lifecourse Studies program and he currently researches men’s health concerns using data from the Ten to Men study. 

Jennifer Renda

Manager, Survey Methodology

Jennifer Renda works in the design team for the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children (LSAC). Her previous research at AIFS focussed on issues relating to families and employment.

Pilar Rioseco

Research Fellow

Dr Pilar Rioseco works in the Longitudinal and Lifecourse area conducting research and analysis of the Building a New Life in Australia study and the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children.

Bosco Rowland

Senior Manager, Research and Analysis

Bosco Rowland is the Manager of Research and Analysis for the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children. 

Kei Sakata

Research Fellow

Dr Kei Sakata is a Research Fellow in the Australian Gambling Research Centre team.

Anna Scovelle

Senior Research Officer

Senior Research Officer in the Longitudinal and Life-course Studies survey methodology team.

Michelle Silbert

Manager, Data Management & Linkage

Michelle Silbert is a Manager in the Data Management and Linkage team, working across longitudinal studies and other data linkage projects.

Jessica Smart

Senior Research Officer

Jessica Smart is a Senior Research Officer contributing to Expert Panel and Family Policy and Practice Research projects.