People Introduction

Michelle Silbert

Manager, Data Management & Linkage

Michelle Silbert works as a researcher on the Longitudinal Study of Humanitarian Migrants.

Jessica Smart

Senior Research Officer

Jessica Smart is a Senior Research Officer contributing to Expert Panel and Family Policy and Practice Research projects.

Neha Swami

Senior Research Officer

Dr Neha Swami is a Senior Research Officer in the Longitudinal and Life course Studies team.

Rukhsana Tajin

Senior Research Officer

Dr Rukhsana is a Senior Research Officer at the Australian Gambling Research Centre (AGRC).

Tamara Taylor

Manager, Survey Methodology

Tamara is a Survey Methodology Manager working in the Growing Up In Australia: Longitudinal Study of Australian Children (LSAC) project design team.

Sonia Terhaag

Senior Research Officer

Dr Sonia Terhaag joined AIFS in 2019 and is a Senior Research Officer in the Longitudinal and Lifecourse Studies Research and Analysis team.

Suzanne Vassallo

Research Fellow

Suzanne Vassallo works on the Australian Temperament Project (ATP). Her research interests include longitudinal research, the development of risk-taking behaviour and adjustment difficulties in adolescents and young adults.

Diana Warren

Senior Research Fellow

Dr Diana Warren is a Senior Research Fellow in the Family Policy & Practice Research team. Her main research interests are economics of education and labour economics.

Mari Wild

Research Officer, Survey Methodology

Mari is a Research Officer currently working in the Longitudinal and Life-course Studies (LLS) Survey Methodology team.