Beyond 18: The longitudinal study of leaving care

Past project

Beyond 18 is a long-term research project about the lives of young people in out-of-home care and their experiences of leaving care in Victoria.


Each year in Victoria between 300 and 400 young people who have been living in foster care, or other out-of-home care arrangements, will turn 18 and no longer be under the care of the Victorian state government. Many of these young people don't have family or friends to rely on for support when they leave the care system. They have to become independent in all ways at a time when most other young people in Australia still live at home.

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About the project

The Beyond 18 study focuses on the experiences of young people leaving the care system in Victoria. The study seeks to better understand how young people leaving care are doing in:

  • finding secure accommodation
  • finding a job and/or further education
  • building a supportive social network
  • accessing support services.

Findings from the study will help to identify ways in which support services can be improved so that young people leaving care can achieve better life outcomes.

The study involves:

  • a main survey for young people leaving care
  • an online survey for carers and caseworkers
  • cohort case studies
  • a case file extract from the Victorian Department of Human Services.

If you'd like to speak with someone about the study, please contact us or call 1800 352 275 (cost of a local call – higher charges may apply if calling from a mobile phone).

Visit the Beyond 18 study website for more information about this study.



Executive Manager, Family Policy & Practice Research