Families Then and Now

Project— 2020 — Current Project

In recognition of AIFS’ 40th anniversary, Families Then and Now outlines some of the changes in Australian households and families from 1980 to today.

Toddler feeding bread to her father as they have breakfast

Families and Children Expert Panel Project

Project— 2014-2022 — Current Project

The FaC Expert Panel Project provides tools and expertise aimed at building the capacity of FaC service providers to use evidence in practice

Families in Australia Survey: May–June 2021

May–June 2021 — Current Project

This third survey explored the ways in which Australian families were managing their relationships, connections, supports, work and finances.

Families in Australia Survey logo

Family Trends and Transitions

Project— Ongoing — Current Project

This research project seeks to identify and understand key demographic trends in Australian family life in order to inform family-related policy.


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