Cradle to Kinder program evaluation

2013-2016 — Current Project

In partnership with the Centre for Community & Child Health, AIFS is conducting a comprehensive evaluation of the Victorian Cradle to Kinder program.

Empowering migrant and refugee women

July - November 2016 — Past Project

This project aimed to identify good practice services and/or programmes being delivered to migrant and refugee women and their families in Australia.

Family Trends and Transitions

Project— Ongoing — Current Project

This research project seeks to identify and understand key demographic trends in Australian family life in order to inform family related policy.

Family Wellbeing Study

2013-2016 — Current Project

This study is investigating the health and wellbeing of families of Australian Defence Force members, transitioned members and reservists.

Knowledge Circle

2013-2016 — Current Project

Knowledge Circle is an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander resources portal highlighting new approaches to keeping Indigenous children safe & happy.