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AIFS produces a number of publications relating to our research throughout the year. These include research papers and reports, facts sheets, commissioned reports and submissions. We also publish our peer-reviewed journal Family Matters twice a year and prepared reports for Closing the Gap.

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Research summaries— Sep 2017

Our study shows that long hours, non-standard work times and work pressures have significant impact on how children view time spent with their father.

Research summaries— May 2017

This Families Week fact sheet takes a close look at the data about "stay-at-home dads", to see if that perception matches reality.

Same-sex couple families in Australia
Research summaries— Sep 2016

Children raised in same-sex parented families progress emotionally, socially and educationally at the same rate as other children.

Understanding parenting disputes after separation
Research Report— Aug 2016

Explores the behaviour of separated parents by exploring the psychology of post-separation parental disputes and then interrogating three data sets.

How many hours per week does an Australian mother spend on housework? Before having a child: 16. Became a mother: 25. Youngest child started school: 30. Youngest child turned fifteen: 28. Children left home: 25. Source: HILDA 2002-14.
Research summaries— May 2016

Becoming a mother heralds a dramatic change in the lives of Australian women.

Evaluation of the 2012 Family Violence Amendments— Oct 2015

Compares the experiences of parents who had separated either before or after the family law reforms were introduced.

Life satisfaction across life course transitions
Australian Family Trends— Sep 2015

Does life satisfaction improve or decline as people grow older? What happens to people's outlook as they pass through the common events of life?

Commissioned report— Dec 2014

Presents findings from Wave 3, conducted in 2012 with 9,028 parents five years after separation.

CFCA— Sep 2014

Explores some of the characteristics of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural practices that contribute to family functioning.

Engaging Indigenous parents in their children's education
Closing the Gap— Jul 2014

Reviews evaluation studies on parental educational engagement in Australia and presents case studies on several programs.


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