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AIFS produces a number of publications relating to our research throughout the year. These include research papers and reports, facts sheets, commissioned reports and submissions. We also publish our peer-reviewed journal Family Matters twice a year and prepared reports for Closing the Gap.

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LSAC Annual Statistical Report 2016— Aug 2017

This is the seventh volume in the LSAC Annual Statistical Report series, which uses data from the last six waves of the study.

Teenage girl working cash register
LSAC ASR 2016 chapter— Aug 2017

This chapter explores the employment of teens at 12-13 and 14-15 years, by looking at the percentage who worked in the previous year.

Research summaries— May 2017

This Families Week fact sheet takes a close look at the data about "stay-at-home dads", to see if that perception matches reality.

Commissioned report— Jan 2017

Best practice guidance on how support services can develop and maintain networks that are positive, sustainable, and work to meet client needs.

Australian Family Trends— Nov 2016

Examines the views of Australians about the obligations of parents and their adult children concerning financial and accommodation support.

Flexible child care and Australian parents' work and care decision-making
Research Report— Nov 2016

Explores how parents make decisions about work and care, especially when faced with shift work or inflexible job conditions.

Grandparents caring for their grandchildren
LSAC ASR 2015 chapter— Sep 2016

Grandparents provide childcare and important housing and financial support to their families, particularly during their grandchildren’s early years.

The modern Australian family
Research summaries— May 2016

Explores the different phases of family, from the families we live with as children to the families we form as we grow older.

Report— Apr 2016

Sets out the principles of good practice that underpin effective support services: accountability; accessibility; and effectiveness and diversity.

The nature of living alone in Australia
Australian Family Trends— Dec 2015

What is the nature of living alone and what does it means to the individuals involved?


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