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Commissioned report— Sep 2017

This resource from the Australian Institute of Family Studies challenges some of the common myths and misconceptions about sexual offending.

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LSAC ASR 2016 chapter— Aug 2017

This study found that 10 per cent of 14-15 year-olds reported that they had self-harmed in the previous 12 months and 5 per cent had attempted suicide

mother comforting child
Commissioned report— Jul 2017

Report on the current state of knowledge on the impact of domestic and family violence (DFV) on parenting.

CFCA— Jun 2017

An exploration of strategies to engage and address issues for family members who are continuing to live with domestic violence.

Family violence prevention programs in Indigenous communities
Closing the Gap— Dec 2016

Investigates the effectiveness of current mainstream, international, and Indigenous prevention programs and identifies principles of success.

Family Matters— November 2016
Summarises the methodology and findings of the study, which was published across 4 reports in late 2015.
Commissioned report— Oct 2016

Reviews the emergence of trauma-informed care in Australia and overseas and how it is being implemented in practice.

Commissioned report— May 2016

Examines the intersections between alcohol and other drug (AOD) use and sexual victimisation and trauma and their support sectors.

Establishing the connection
Guidelines— May 2016

These guidelines have been developed to build the capacity of workers in the sexual assault and alcohol and other drug sectors to support clients.

Elder abuse: Understanding issues, frameworks and responses
Research Report— Feb 2016

This report provides a broad analysis of the issues raised by elder abuse in the Australian context.


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