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AIFS produces a number of publications relating to our research throughout the year. These include research papers and reports, facts sheets, commissioned reports and submissions. We also publish our peer-reviewed journal Family Matters twice a year and prepared reports for Closing the Gap.

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LSAC ASR 2016 chapter— Aug 2017

This study found that 10 per cent of 14-15 year-olds reported that they had self-harmed in the previous 12 months and 5 per cent had attempted suicide

AGRC publication— Aug 2016

Informs on the evidence and use of e-mental health support and treatment options and ways these may be developed in the future.

CFCA— Aug 2016

Outlines ways in which practitioners can support healing and recovery in families affected by parental mental illness.

Establishing the connection
Guidelines— May 2016

These guidelines have been developed to build the capacity of workers in the sexual assault and alcohol and other drug sectors to support clients.

Life satisfaction across life course transitions
Australian Family Trends— Sep 2015

Does life satisfaction improve or decline as people grow older? What happens to people's outlook as they pass through the common events of life?

Family Matters— June 2015
Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders: a review of interventions for prevention and management in Indigenous communities
Closing the Gap— Feb 2015

This resource sheet provides estimates on the prevalence of FASD in the general and Indigenous populations of Australia.

CFCA— Feb 2015

A broad overview of some of the key issues identified in the growing literature on paternal mental illness.

Effective strategies to strengthen the mental health and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
Closing the Gap— Oct 2014

Identifies what works, what doesn't, and the gaps in the research evidence.

Acknowledging complexity in the impacts of sexual victimisation trauma
ACSSA Issues— Feb 2014

Paper aims to provide an overview of complex trauma as a concept for classifying a varying range of symptomatology.


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