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Family Matters No. 60, 2001

The year 2001 marks four anniversaries of relevance to the Australian Institute of Family Studies: the Centenary of Federation; the Institute's own twenty-first birthday; the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Family Court of Australia; and the centenary of the Australian Public Service.  

Searching for family resilience

Family Matters No. 58, 2001

Searching for family resilience; Foregone earnings through child rearing; Meeting the challenges of parenting.

Adolescents and community

Family Matters No. 57, 2000

Adolescents and community; Child support and parenting; Social capital and social security

Families, welfare and social policy

Family Matters No. 54, 1999

This edition of Family Matters focuses on the theme of ‘Families, welfare and social policy’. It is a very timely edition, coming at the commencement of a period of major review of the social welfare system in Australia

Strong families: National Families Strategy

Family Matters No. 53, 1999

The major theme of this edition of Family Matters is strengthening and supporting families. As researchers and policy makers, we have access to a lot of information about families in crisis and the various policy interventions and programs that can be implemented to address family problems.

Ageing and families - the International Year of Older Persons

Family Matters No. 52, 1999

In this issue of Family Matters, Australian Institute of Family Studies researchers and experts in the area of ageing have contributed articles from their differing perspectives on ageing and the role of families and government. An overview of the articles is provided by Ilene Wolcott on page three of this issue.

Changing families - challenging futures

Family Matters No. 51, 1998

We are pleased to publish in this issue of Family Matters the Keynote address delivered at the opening session of the conference by Dr Richard Eckersley, ‘Redefining Progress: Shaping the Future to Human Needs’, and several papers presented during the course of the conference.

Family values: Is there agreement?

Family Matters No. 48, 1997

Family relations and later life; the role of fathers as confidants for teenagers; understanding parenthood

New findings

Family Matters No. 47, 1997

Marriage, cohabitation and family life; experiences and expectations of older married couples