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These publications may be of interest for historical reasons. Because of their age, they may not reflect current research data or AIFS' current research methodologies.

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Family ties

Family Matters No. 41, 1995

Adults and their parents; family networks in urban and rural settings; links between child abuse and family violence; impact of the work environment on workers with families

Diary of social legislation and policy 1994

Historical publication— December 1994

It provides a reference for researchers and workers in government and service organisations by drawing together information from a range of sources

Friends, families and support

Family Matters No. 39, 1994

Help from parents: does divorce make a difference? older generations and family support; young adult friendships

Youth today

Family Matters No. 38, 1994

This edition of Family Matters gathers together articles concerning young people in Australia.

Many faces of families

Family Matters No. 37, 1994

This issue of Family Matters features articles on the nine priority issues of the International Year of the Family.