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Children's Rights: Children's Voices, Adults' Choices

Family Matters No. 33, 1992

In this issue of Family Matters, we tackle a difficult and emotive topic, that of children's rights.  Because reactions to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the child have been so extreme, and often misinformed, we present a variety of viewpoints and a range of information in the hope of clarifying the issues.

Extended family in Australia

Family Matters No. 32, 1992

This issue of Family Matters has as its theme intergenerational relationship, the ties that bind.  

Living day to day

Family Matters No. 31, 1992

This issue of Family Matters, features the first report based on results of the Institute's Australian Living Standards Study (Living day to day) and includes articles which examine the impact of the recession on families.

Adoption law in Australia

Belinda Stonehouse
Historical publication— February 1992

This document briefly outlines changes to the adoption scene in Australia in recent years