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These publications may be of interest for historical reasons. Because of their age, they may not reflect current research data or AIFS' current research methodologies.

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In the best interests of children

Family Matters No. 65, 2003

This issue of Family Matters includes a number of papers which address aspects of children's well being and factors which can pose challenges to their healthy development. 

Family trends

Family Matters No. 64, 2003

Changing patterns of partnering; Fostering social competence in young adults; Parents' child care choices

Fertility - the debate, the trends, the aspirations

Family Matters No. 63, 2002

The 'fertility crisis' has been the subject of active debate in the past year, and includes issues related to work and family, women's participation in the paid workforce, the ageing of the population, paid maternity leave, child care, the structure of family payments, the environment and the future of immigration.

Understanding family change

Family Matters No. 62, 2002

This issue of Family Matters contains a diverse array of articles about the family in Australia.

Collected works 1980-2001

Research Report No. 6 — December 2001

This volume is intended to provide a useful reference work and guide to the Institute's research output

Collected works 1980-2001


Family Matters No. 60, 2001

The year 2001 marks four anniversaries of relevance to the Australian Institute of Family Studies: the Centenary of Federation; the Institute's own twenty-first birthday; the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Family Court of Australia; and the centenary of the Australian Public Service.