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These publications may be of interest for historical reasons. Because of their age, they may not reflect current research data or AIFS' current research methodologies.

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Searching for family resilience

Family Matters No. 58, 2001

Searching for family resilience; Foregone earnings through child rearing; Meeting the challenges of parenting.

Division of matrimonial property in Australia

Grania Sheehan and Jody Hughes
Research Paper No. 25 — March 2001

Analysis of Australian Divorce Transitions Project data provides insight into the way in which women and men divide their property when they divorce.

Reforming the Australian welfare state

Report— December 2000

This collection of essays addresses the new agenda for the Australian welfare system and reflects on the case for radical reform

Adolescents and community

Family Matters No. 57, 2000

Adolescents and community; Child support and parenting; Social capital and social security

A guide to calculating the costs of children

Research Report No. 3 — February 2000

Includes three 1999 Family Matters articles, as well as an earlier paper explaining the two original approaches to calculating the costs of children

Families, welfare and social policy

Family Matters No. 54, 1999

This edition of Family Matters focuses on the theme of ‘Families, welfare and social policy’. It is a very timely edition, coming at the commencement of a period of major review of the social welfare system in Australia